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Awakening the Best of You

Openness to the Future

Realized on 2023-07-29
Club Campestre de Llano Grande - Medellín

Internal Arts

Transformation and Life Guidance

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I have known Dr. Riccardo Salvatore for more than 25 years. I know him as an inspiring master of Shaolin Kung fu and Wahnam Taijiquan (…) I am very impressed with your inner strength, which will contribute greatly to his good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance, and spiritual hapiness.

Wong Kiew Kit

Grandmaster, Shaolin Wahnam International

I started doing Chi Kung Shaolin Wahnam shortly after my mother, captivated by her enthusiasm. Besides the well-being, vitality, and clarity that the practice provides, I know that it helped me overcome a painful illness by alleviating suffering.

Celia Pedroso

In 2006 I met Master Riccardo Salvatore, as a student of a Chi Kung course and later as a patient. Without ever having had contact with this type of Internal Arts or Traditional Chinese Medicine before, it was a huge and pleasant surprise for me.

Bruno Rafael

I started this fascinating and enriching practice in 2005, the year in which I did a 180º turn in my nervous system and beyond. I grew up, lost my fears, and started to face the most adverse situations with peace and acceptance.

Alice Pedroso

I have been a patient of Riccardo Salvatore since 2010. He has treated me in many things during these years. His knowledge is endless in teaching Chi Kung Shaolin Wahnam, as an acupuncturist, nutrition, life consultant, etc. He is always very professional.

Eli Hansen

I will never know how I could have gotten through great trials without your support (…) The transmission of your immense knowledge and common sense is for everyone a great unique opportunity to grow as a person and as a Whole.


For the Transformation of Personal and Professional Life

Awakening the Best of You

Awakening the Best of You - ABY are the interpretation and fusion of the paths of life with my experiences of 40 years of energetic and vibratory health, traditional Chinese culture, traditional Chinese medicine, internal arts and Metaphysics, in the sense of contributing to that each one can “Awaken the Best of Yourself”!

BaZi Calculator: The Four Pillars of Destiny

Ba Zi | Transformation and Life Guidance

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For a better understanding and benefit from Awakening the Best of You (ABY) editions , make sure to try our BaZi calculator!