Health and Therapies

Health and Therapies

Riccardo Salvatore's therapeutic practice has its foundations on a holistic and integrated approach, based on energy, in which symptoms are only valued as a manifestation of internal imbalances.


Riccardo Salvatore‘s therapeutic practice is based on a holistic, integrated, energetic-based approach, in which symptoms are valued only as manifestations of internal imbalances.

This is a personalized assessment based on the fusion of forty years of clinical practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine, correction of lifestyle habits, dietary guidance, Radionics, Bioresonance, personal energetic practices, with the essential focus of supporting overall health – physical, emotional, and spiritual.

The analysis of the energetic structure enriches the information gathered at the physiological level, to integrate with the dynamic support of each one’s vital cycles.

The individual analysis of signs of toxic overloads, mineral, amino acid, trace element and vitamin deficiencies allows for a bio-nutritional correction through Active Cellular Micronutrition* (ACN), which allows for:

– Support realignment of the body’s physiology and cellular unblocking;
– Improving the regulation and elimination systems of toxins and strengthening the necessary absorptions;
– Promote synergies and reconstruction of affected functions and areas, reactivate sometimes “dormant” functions.

Through this approach, the lasting results are strengthened, because they are the consequence of an energetic and physiological based analysis work of adaptation, compensation, and balanced support of the individual needs detected.

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