Awakening the Best in You

Awakening the Best in You - ABY

"Awakening the Best of You" is my "Brand" or "Signature" and brings together, since 2019, the purpose I have been developing since 1983 of accompaniment in the area of holistic Health, teaching of the Internal Shaolin Arts, Transformation and Guidance of personal, professional, business life.

ABY - Since 24 October 2020 - Daily audio podcast of interpreting daily energy components based on Chinese Metaphysics, BaZi, QiMen, Feng Shui, Yi Jing and vital health principles.

Awakening the Best in You

When we become in harmony and in tune with ourselves, we awaken the best in us and are, at the same time, in full harmony with ourselves and with the universe of which we are a spark.

Observing what surrounds us and understanding the signs that are adapted to each moment is, since forever, the way to evolve and adjust to our paths and build our futures.

The ABY editions, still unnamed at that time and with a different structure, began as an accompaniment to my daughter Daniela when she went to live in England with my grandson Riccardo in March 2020, on one of the last flights, days before the first confinement.

Later on, we started sending issues to some of our closest friends and patients. Systematic broadcasts began on October the 24th, 2020.

Awakening the Best in You” brings together my purpose since 2019. It is my signature of what I have been developing over the years, since 1983, also the year of Daniela’s birth.

The editions take the name of Awakening the Best in You – ABY, as a means of stimulating on the basis of Chinese Metaphysics and a part of the Western Metaphysical approach, the observation of the dynamics and fusion of various components of constellations, Hexagrams, and elements for the energetic interpretation of the day, in order to adapt to individual needs and to open various perspectives:

  • Stimulate curiosity about how to support our personal dynamics, combining subtle energetic factors or vectors;
  • Open and strengthen communication with cosmic dynamics.

Today’s Awakening the Best in You – ABY podcasts are the interpretation and fusion of life’s paths with my 40 years of experience in Holistic Health, Energetic and Vibrational Health, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shaolin Internal Arts and Chinese Metaphysics, in order to contribute to “Awakening the Best in You“!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

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